Tired elephant fell asleep in the middle of the road

She lived there long before the appearance of the road!

His ancestors lived here before the road was built. This is is really cute and funny.

Elephants roaming the roads of Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand are a common thing.

Mr. Nattavat Patsungsing was on his way to work when he ended up in a traffic jam. And the cause of that was a huge elephant taking a nap in the middle of the road. The man stopped at a distance so as not to wake the big animal up, because he might have started attacking the cars. Nattavat started recording the sweet moment.

The elephant seemed to enjoy his dream: his ears and legs were trembling with pleasure. After a while, when everyone was in panic being late from work, the elephant finally got up. It seems the prayers of employees that were afraid to get fired were effective.

The name of the elephant is Nga Thong, which in Thai means “golden tusks”. You can often find him lying on the concrete to warm up in cold weather. However, this is also strange, because Nga spends most of his time in the National Park, and not in the middle of a busy road. The park staff describes Nga as a “shy” creature.

Although many people were late from work because of this adorable elephant, everyone enjoyed watching over him while sleeping. But let’s hope he will find a more proper place to lie down next time.

Imagine those who had to explain their wives that they were late because of an elephant sleeping in the middle of the busy road!

Let’s be honest, a creature of such huge sizes can sleep wherever it wants!

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