Elephant thought his coach was drowning and tried to help

Elephants deserve our respect!

Probably everyone adores elephants. They are smart, kind, caring and loving. These animals are also very loyal animals and would remain faithful to those whom they trust. Elephants can feel a person’s emotions and react to them.

This story proves all the points mentioned above. These adorable elephants might seem slow, but their love for their caregiver is so strong that they are ready to risk their lives for him.

Derrick works in the National Park of Thailand. He usually takes elephants for a walk along the river in hot summer days. One day he decided to swim in the lake and seemed to be taken away by the current. Then something unexpected happened.

One of the elephants thought he was drowning and jumped in the water to save him without even considering it for a minute. The man was fine, but the elephant’s care and love for the man touched him deeply.

There was no threat to the man’s life, but he didn’t want to ignore the elephant’s kindness, so he just obeyed and clung to his trunk.

Many people admired this elephant and his heroic deed. The man would have been fine even if he was in a dangerous situation. His faithful friends will always be by his side.

They are really smart and compassionate creatures.

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