Special bond between a woman and her rescued elephant

Wild animals are kind if you treat them right!

When a wild animal appears in a new environment after being rescued, they are often timid and anxious. Sometimes, this happens because of their terrible life in the past.

Faa Mai is an elephant rescue and rehabilitation center in Thailand. There is an elephant in the center named Faamai. She also used to be a timid elephant, scared of her surroundings. Fortunately, Lek was there to take care of her.

Here is a sweet video, where Lek sings for Faamai to fall asleep. Lek approaches the elephant singing quietly, then the elephant pulls her caregiver to her.

The caregiver leans against her and Faamai kneels down then falls asleep lying on the ground.

There is a special bond between this elephant and Lek. The woman has been singing for her to sleep for many years. Most probably, Faamai accepts the woman as her foster mother and enjoys her lullaby.

Lek is a wonderful person. Her kindness toward the wildlife is just incredible!

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