Little girls finally found their lost dog

It hurts us really bad when our pets get lost

These little girls had lost their favorite pet, until one day they finally reunited. Their tears are pure and express their true love for the dog.

Max is a dog from Bexar County, Texas. He went missing, and his family started desperately looking for him. They put posters around the town to help the search. Max is a mixed with a very friendly, calm and tender character.

The family had already lost all their hope, when in July everything changed. Deputy Perez from the sheriff’s office received a complaint on a dog roaming the streets.

He went to see the dog and recognized him from the posters all around the town.

He contacted Max’s owners and described them the dog. It turned out to be Max. He was finally found after several weeks.

Max returned home and his family organized a party to celebrate the happy event.

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