Sweet creature: Cute sea lion cub crawling on ice

We need to protect these sweet animals at all costs!

Baby sea lions are one of the cutest creatures on our planet. They have an adorable muzzle, big round eyes and are fluffy. However, these sweet animals are also shy in front of the camera and really careful. Many photographers spend months and even years trying to capture these babies in camera.

He looks like Falkor from “The Neverending Story”.

Alexey Trofimov is a Russian photographer. He talked about his experience: “I finally managed to capture one of this species in camera after 3 years of trying”.

This cute baby was crawling on the ice near Lake Baikal, Russia, when the photographer noticed him. He looked really interested in the unexpected guests and kept looking at them with his eyes wide open. It was a special moment!

We need to protect these sweet animals at all costs!

There are people who do terrible things with sea lions and even their cubs. This needs to stop! We want all species on our planet to live in peace and harmony.

Such an adorable baby!

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