Babies in this family are born with hair

They soon became famous not only in their hometown, but all over the British Isles

Babies are usually born either bald or with a little hair. However, in this family from the UK in babies are born with a real shock of hair.

The Shelton family are the most ordinary people living in Northampton. In no time, they became famous not just in their hometown, but throughout the British Isles as well.

The Shelton spouses have two sons – George and Stanley. They were born with a very unique feature: they both have thick and long hair.

A pair of scissors was needed in the delivery room when the first son, George, was born. The baby’s hair covered his eyes completely. It reached his nose tip. In addition, his hair grew incredibly fast. He had to cut his hair three times in the first six months of his life alone.

The only problem was, that the boy really didn’t like getting a haircut. His first visit to the barbershop left the master so surprised that she asked for permission to take a picture of him. She had never seen such long hair on small children.

George was four years old, when his brother was born. And guess what? Little Stanley was also very hairy. Two months after his birth, his hair started to grow exclusively vertically and straight.

The father of the family always jokes around, saying, “Looks like he was electrocuted.” Mom has to style the baby’s hair with gel to lower them somehow. “The boy is unlikely to ever be able to wear a hat. It just won’t be able to stay on his head,” his mom jokes.

Doctors say that the reason that children have such hair is genetics, since parents also have thick hair that grows quickly.

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