Mother eagle protects her eggs in cold weather

Nothing is impossible for a caring mother when it comes to her children. And this mother eagle is a great proof to that.

Although completely covered in snow, the eggs are completely safe with their devoted mother.
A wildlife photographer witnessed this touching scene of the illustration of a true Mother Love. The scene occurred in Sheperds, West Virginia.
The National Training Center for Nature Protection posted a photo on the Internet, demonstrating the brave mother withstanding the harsh winter. The center uses cameras installed in the wild to watch over the animals and bids, including bald eagles.

Bella’s parents have been laying eggs in this same nest since 2011. As you can see, they are just amazing parents.
Bald eagles are capable of everything in this world to protects their children. Even if it requires covering your whole body with snow.
Usually, bald eagles lay eggs early in spring, so they have to overcome severe natural trials, such as snowfalls and freezing weather.

Cold weather doesn’t prevent them from keeping their nest warm. Moreover, this might result in early hatching of the chicks, which is beneficial for them.

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