Kitten finally found some kind people who helped her

Several days of proper care helped the poor kitten

Newborn kittens were found in a cat colony without their mother. Soon they were sent to an animal shelter in search of a better life.

Jess Thoren used to be a volunteer in one of the animal shelters in New Jersey. She agreed to adopt all 8 of the kittens and take care of them. Jess immediately noticed, that one of the kittens was smaller in size than others.

“They were only a week old when I adopted them. Kelly, the smallest one, weighed 84g”, told Jess. The poor kitten couldn’t even eat from a bottle, so Jess had to use a small tube.

Jess also noticed some sored on her tiny body and took her to hospital for a treatment. Soon the little creature recovered and started to grow.

Zack, Kelly’s brother, was twice the size of Kelly. He did his best to entertain his sister after every feeding. Zack let his sister fall asleep on himself, serving as a pillow.

very soon Kelly managed to reach 150g of weigh. It took the hospital staff and Jess several sleepless nights to achieve this result.

Kelly was gaining strength and growing bigger day by day. er health condition was changing for the better too. Over time Kelly even started eating on her own.

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