Kittens are grateful to the dog for taking care of them

Such a sweet family!

Encore and Pax are two little kittens. They were transferred to SPOT from San Bernardino animal shelter when they were only 2 weeks old.

The shelter staff placed the kittens in a comfortable nursery and fed them every 4 hours.

Ginger, a dog living in the shelter, found out about the lonely kittens. She knew what exactly they needed. She came to her current owner, Susan, several years ago when she was pregnant.

Very soon she gave birth to her puppies and became a great mother for them. And when the puppies grew up, Susan had to find new families for them.

Now Susan understood that the dog wanted some babies to take care of. And these babies were Encore and Pax. Ginger immediately fell in love with them and the kittens in their turn loved their new foster mother.

The dog teaches the kittens to go to toilet, wash themselves. Ins short, she does everything a mother cat would do. Ginger is a very caring and responsible dog!

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