Kittens learned to trust and love their caregivers

Kittens were shy and avoided people

Three kittens ended up in Orange County Animal Shelter in search of help. The siblings were shy and avoided any contact with people.

Baby Kitten Rescue – a rescue organization in Los Angeles – offered their help.

Jamie, a volunteer at BKR said: “Apparently, they didn’t want to get in any kind of contact with people. And whenever they did, it was not a pleasant one!”.

The shelter staff named the kittens Wasabi, Ginger and Pepper, like spices.

They have been always together since the very first day of their birth. Soon they got used to people and started communicating. Lovely hugs and treats did their job.

Wasabi was the strongest and managed to achieve great heights in a short period of time. Soon he also stopped biting the hand that was miraculously giving him some food. It turned out that Wasabi was also the fluffiest one among his siblings.

Eventually all three of the kittens started trusting their caregivers.

Now, instead of hissing, they gently hug their caregivers asking them to pet them. The kittens always require special attention from the shelter staff and want to feel loved.

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