Man started taking care of a lonely bear cub

She is now a village resident!

This exhausted bear cub was wandering alone in the village in search of food and shelter. One of the village farmers noticed the poor animal and decided to help her. He took the cub home and started taking proper care of her.

Nikolay, the farmer, adopted the bear and now has an unusual pet. The cub is too young to survive in the wild or in the zoo. Nikolay’s farm became a great refuge for the cub, where she receives proper food and care.

When Nikolay first met the bear, he contacted local authorities for help. However, they gave only two options to choose – either to put her to sleep, or to release into the wild. Both options would have killed the bear cub, and Nikolay didn’t want it.

In the end, the village residents agreed to let the bear cub stay in the village. They issued her for legal residence in the village.

Nikolay named the cub Vasilisa. He decided to build a special cage for the lovely bear.

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