Stunning bird with a vivid green plumage

Such wonderful living beings!

Glistening-green tanager belongs to the Thraupidae family. Except the two small spots behind the ears, this bird has a completely bright and emerald green color.

Upper wings and median coverts are grayish-olive. However, they are mostly not visible. Flight and tail feathers are black with bright green edges.

The female is of duller colors and lacks the white and red dots on the head. However, it is still green.

This bird prefers secondary vegetation in the foothills of the Andes and subtropical forests. It feeds on arthropods  and larvae, sometimes on fruits as well. According to some sources, these birds multiply from May to September.

Glistening-green tanager inhabits Colombia and Ecuador.

This bird is endangered, as the population is gradually decreasing. Deforestations, mining, agricultural and industrial development are a great threat to their natural habitats.

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