This guy throws coins in the air in such a way that they form different words

The idea got more than 2.4M likes on TikTok

This teenager from America has learned to throw coins in the air, laid out in the form of different words. 18-year-old Maxim Kokoshinsky from Denver saw this idea on TikTok, but decided to complicate it. He decided to put a whole phrase out of coins, and take a video of the moment of coin tossing.

The guy took his brother Alexander as an assistant.

Young people collected a whole bunch of iron money, and laid them out on a thin board in the form of letters. Then Maxim tossed coins, which soared into the air, forming a word.

So the teenager repeated the trick three times, as a result, the phrase “YOU ARE CUTE” turned out. Finally, the guy tossed coins in the form of a big heart. The brothers captured all this action on video.

Teenagers admit that they made a lot of duplicates, because they did not want to draw words beautifully in the air. As a result, about 30 minutes were spent on the whole experiment.

Maxim posted this video on TikTok. Users highly appreciated the efforts of the brothers. More than 2.4M people liked the video. Many followers thanked the teenagers for the positive emotions presented.

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