“Any Mother Would Do This”: Dog refused to leave her puppies, that didn’t survive the labor

The dog is crying as her owner is trying to calm her down!

Here is a heartbreaking story about a mother dog who refused to leave her puppies, even though they were not breathing. She even dug their graves and lied down next to them. The incident happened in Suzhou, China.

The labor was complicated and the puppies didn’t survive!

The dog’s owner, Qin, said that two of her puppies passed away right after the birth, then their mother started digging.

At first, the mother dog didn’t even want to let her pup go and was keeping it in her teeth. But her owner managed to console her and take the puppy out of her teeth.

After digging, the mother started licking her puppies’ bodies, as if trying to wake them up.

The dog is crying as her owner is trying to calm her down!

Then the dog took one of the puppies in her teeth and started walking around.

In the end, Qin tried to persuade her to leave the body alone. We still do not know, if there were other puppies in the litter that survived or not.

You can watch the video below. WARNING! Video contains upsetting scenes!

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