“Great Change in Life!”: Dog finally found caring owners and a comfortable place to live

The dog was very excited to welcome her rescuers!

This is Lily! She is a very lovely pit bull, but unfortunately, she used to live in the worst conditions possible. Her owners never took proper care of her and she was deprived of happiness. Luckily, some rescuers happened to find and rescue her. Before the arrival of the rescuers, Lily had to sleep on the garage floor and was really unhappy.

The rescuers loved the dog from the very first moment. She was excited to accept the rescuers. Lily payed a warm welcome to her guests and immediately made friends with them.

First of all, the rescuers took Lily to a vet clinic for a medical examination. Then they found a foster home for her, where Lily spent several months. Then a kind woman named Charlotte adopted our Lily.

They very soon became good friends and now are inseparable. Now Lily has a comfortable bed and is happy. However, besides her bed, Lily likes to sleep wherever she pleases, be that the couch, Charlotte’s bed or on the floor.

Lily is a friendly and kind-hearted dog and she is grateful to those who gave her a second chance for a happy life.

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