“Kind act of a policeman”: Bear cub lagged behind his mother and a policemen came to his aid

We need more kind-hearted people who are willing to help wild animals

An amazing meeting took place in New Hampshire. Every day a good number of dogs get run over by a car, so this policeman stopped the car every time he saw an animal crossing the street. He had seen many animals there, but never bears.

He took a closer look and realized that one of the bear cubs was lagging behind his mother and siblings. It was quite unexpected for the policeman.

All the other cubs were almost running, but that one was unable to even move. The mother bear faced a dilemma and she chose to leave the weak cub behind to save the other 4.

The police officer couldn’t ignore the injured cub abandoned by his mother and decided to help. If not for his help, the cub might have not survived in his condition. Rescuers from the Society of Wildlife Protection arrived at the scene very quickly.

They managed to find where the bear family was located and found out that there was another cub in a poor health condition. It was difficult, but the rescuers still managed to take the cub from its mother.

According to the police officer, the cubs are now undergoing a treatment and are already recovering. As soon as they fully recover, the rescuers are going to release them into the wild, as they already know where their mother is.

We are happy to know that people are still willing to help wild animals.

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