“They came to say Goodbye”: Herd of elephants never forgot the man who helped them

After the visit, the herd left the area for good…

In 1990, a case of a man helping a herd of elephants in South Africa became a sensation. This herd of elephants was considered dangerous and unpredictable, and even the rangers were afraid to get near them as they might attack at any moment. Several years later, when the man had already aged and weakened physically, the herd visited him for a final farewell.

The man was Lawrence Anthony, an international conservationist, most famous under the nickname “Elephant Whisperer”. He was the only one to perfectly understand these animals.

Here is their story: In 1999, this herd of elephants got trapped in a swamp. Anthony was aware that the elephants would never let a human being approach them. And the fact is, that elephants usually need a lot of time to share their personal space with someone.

Anthony waited for some time to let the animals adapt to his presence. And by saying some time, we actually mean a few days. He brought them food every day, and eventually managed to get them all out of the swamp one after another. But the story doesn’t end here.

Elephants are famous for their phenomenal memory. And this herd never forgot Anthony – the man who helped them in a difficult time!

Years passed and Anthony became weaker and weaker as he grew older. He started rarely going out and wasn’t seen around much. And one day, Anthony’s family noticed a herd of elephants approaching their house. There were around 30 elephants, who walked 12 kilometers to reach the reserve where Anthony was living. The elephants had spent 2 days trying to find his house.

They came to say the last goodbye to their dear friend and rescuer. After the visit, the herd left the area for good…

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