Brave babysitter saved the child from a criminal

She was brave enough to care about someone else’s life at that moment

It’s no secret that for parents the most precious thing is children. But the modern lifestyle leaves less and less opportunity to spend time with their children. The main reason is work. And each couple copes in different ways. Some ask friends to babysit, some resort to the help of grandparents, and others choose a more practical way and hire nannies.

Jonathan Lai and his wife are a young couple from California. The family lives in the town of Irvine and they have a little son Josh. Both parents work full-time. Jonathan is engaged in real estate, and his wife is a lawyer in a large company. Due to the constant workload, they had almost no time left for the child, but they had to deal with his upbringing – walking in the fresh air, cooking, and so on. As often happens in such cases, the search for a person to whom you could entrust your baby is a very responsible and long process. After calling half of the agencies, asking many babysitters, the couple still settled on one candidate for such an important role.

The honor of raising the child went to Jenny Lee Baker, a young girl with little work experience. The couple saw how the girl was running around with their child, feeding him with a spoon and protecting at every step. And at the same time she was so affectionate, as if this child was her own. “The most important thing is that there was no nasty affectation in her, as happens with many babysitters,” the parents say.

As usual, after classes, Jenny took the baby to play on the playground. Outdoor games have always been mandatory for the growing body and the child was already frolicking among the attractions as if nothing had happened. The babysitter was sitting nearby, vigilantly making sure that the child did not fall and nothing terrible happened. When Josh finally came running back tired but happy, they both headed home. But having already crossed the threshold, the babysitter literally felt that something was wrong in the house. First of all, she saw that some things were folded quite differently from how she had left them, and the rooms in general were a frank mess.

Of course, cleaning was also part of her duties and the girl always cleaned up after a walk. But the child could not bring this mess in any way, especially since they were busy all morning and the toys were folded. At that moment, the babysitter did not realize that there was someone in the house, and they were in real danger.

But at the moment of realization, the child had already managed to escape to the kitchen, while loudly shouting her name and calling her with him. Immediately, Jenny heard a noise upstairs and realized that they were not alone.

It is unknown what each of us would do in this extreme situation, especially a defenseless fragile girl, without preparation for such situations, not knowing who is at the top, how many of them and what to expect from them. But not confused, she ran into the back of the house to the kitchen, picked up the child in her arms and ran out into the street.

It would seem that the danger had passed, but then she saw a large male silhouette coming down the stairs directly towards her. Instead of panicking, the girl immediately ran to the neighbors and called the police, constantly keeping the baby next to her.

The surveillance camera footage shows how everything was, including the babysitter’s quick reaction to what was happening. In the video, the burglar sneaks inside, walks around the house in search of jewelry and wallets. As soon as Jonathan found out about this case, he admitted that it was hard for him to imagine that such a thing could happen to his family. “My whole sense of security in the house is completely violated,” the man says. “What Joanna has done for my son is incredible, I am very grateful to her and glad that she is in our lives.”

To be honest, it’s amazing, because usually everyone thinks only for their life. And here is this girl who was not afraid and also thought about someone else’s child first of all. The Lai couple believe that the babysitter has literally become a guardian angel for their son, because she has not left the child for a moment. To which Jenny modestly replies that “she does not consider herself a heroine, because that’s what anyone would do in her place.”

But as Irvine police say, in such extreme situations, the criminal could behave as he liked, up to the most serious consequences.

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