“He didn’t even know he had a name”: Family adopted a greyhound and made him happy

Thanks to his owners’ love and support, the dog is now recovering

Brightside Farm Sanctuary in Tasmania does an amazing job saving various animals, including greyhounds. The volunteers of the rescue center work hard, trying to find permanent homes and caring owners for these dogs. And one of them is or today’s hero – Claude.

Before appearing in Brightside, Claude had a terrible life. Two years he spent locked in a paddock. However, soon a rescue group found out about the dog and took immediate measures to help the dog. He was given a second chance to a happy life in the shelter. And when Claude met his future owners, they both immediately fell in love with each other. 

The poor dog had never in his life been inside a house, so when he first entered the house, he was in a complete confusion. He didn’t know how to use the stairs and other things inside the house. As sad as it is, the poor dog didn’t even know he had a name and someone might call him.

Eventually, the owner’s managed to gain the trust of the dog. Day by day, Claude was changing for the better. Now he feels a hundred percent free at home surrounded with caring and loving people. Claude turned out to be an affectionate dog. He is still learning and getting used to his new surroundings. Claude has recently found out how fun it is to chase a ball around the house and play other games.

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