“I’m not retiring”: Rod Stewarts reveals he is “moving on” from Rock ‘n’ Roll

“Everything has to come to an end”

After an illustrious career spanning over six decades in the music industry, Rod Stewart is preparing to embark on a new artistic journey, distancing himself from his rock ‘n’ roll origins. During a recent interview with BBC Breakfast, the renowned Grammy-winning artist disclosed his plans to delve into the swing genre for an upcoming album, marking a significant departure from his previous musical ventures. This exciting venture comes on the heels of his highly anticipated summer tour.

Acknowledging the trend of rock stars performing well into their later years, Stewart clarified that he is not retiring but rather seeking to move on. The 78-year-old musician expressed his satisfaction with the success of his previous venture, The Great American Songbook, and revealed that he has recently collaborated with Jools Holland on a swing album, set to be released next year. Stewart emphasized his desire to leave the realm of rock ‘n’ roll behind, at least for the time being.

While acknowledging that everything must eventually come to an end, Stewart conveyed his excitement about pursuing new musical directions. Singing with Jools Holland’s band, in particular, enthused him, as he noted that it borders on rock ‘n’ roll while diverging from his well-known hits like “Maggie May” and “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?”

Stewart has previously explored genres outside of rock, including a series of albums featuring tracks from The Great American Songbook in the 2000s, as well as a foray into soul music with his 2009 album, “Soulbook.”

Currently, Stewart is gearing up for a European tour until July 22, followed by performances in North America throughout September. After a few shows in Brazil and additional North American dates, he will resume his Las Vegas residency in November.

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