“He reunited with his mother”: Young boys saved a beluga whale washed ashore in Canada

Thanks to their kindness, the beluga whale cub managed to survive!

Teenage boys came across a newborn beluga whale on the shore of  St. Lawrence River during a family vacation.

Nicholas Milliard (15) later told the newspapers how he and his younger brothers managed to save the life of the young whale. They poured some water on the animal every 5 minutes to prevent it from dying.

“We dug a whole to fill it with water and hydrate the whale”, told Milliard.

The family was from Quebec. They immediately contacted rescuers, and took care of the whale until they would arrive. Rescuers safely released the whale into the water. We hope that the cub was able to find its mother, or at least found another beluga whale which would feed it.

Beluga whales usually take care of their cubs and feed them for 2 years. The cubs cannot survive without maternal care. There was a time when thousands of beluga whales inhabited St. Lawrence River. However, their population has now decreased to 900. The reason of the increase of their number, is the water pollution of the reservoir.

Anyway, now the rescued beluga whale cub has a chance to survive, thanks to the care and kindness of the young boys!

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