58-year-old Demi Moore impressed fans at the Paris fashion show

“What happened to her beautiful face?”

Haute Couture Week took place in Paris, although this time it was held without an audience. We can evaluate this event only with the pictures taken by the technical staff. Bright models showed clothes for the spring-summer season of 2021.


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Among the participants of the fashion show there were many famous personalities: Naomi Campbell, Lila Grace Moss, Kate Moss and others. But, probably, the most experienced participant of fashion shows, Demi Moore, was able to arouse the greatest interest among online viewers.

The actress presented an unusual black pantsuit. However, fans paid attention not to the outfit itself, but to the unnatural expression of the celebrity’s face.

Internet users agreed that the actress is starting to overdo it with permanent plastic surgery. So far, it’s not entirely clear whether the lift turned out to be unsuccessful or the star just hasn’t passed the rehabilitation period yet, but it doesn’t look the best.

Devoted fans of Moore were very upset by such a transformation of their idol. Some of them did not even immediately recognize the actress, anxiously asking: “What happened to her beautiful face?”.

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