Photographer turns future mothers into Disney princesses!

The happy eyes of future mothers make the shots magical!

Pregnancy is a magical time and it should be portrayed as best as possible. Vanessa understands this perfectly! She is a photographer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The woman doesn’t like banal photoshoots, so she decided to turn her heroines into real-life Disney princesses.

Here is a pregnant Cinderella, although the pumpkin is not a carriage, and both shoes are on their place. Still, the picture looks magical.

You can also meet the famous mermaid Ariel; the beauty from Agrabah – Princess Jasmine.

And who doesn’t remember the adorable princess and her seven brave assistants? Little girls love this story of pure love and victory over the evil. Vanessa wanted to show the beauty of the princess in an even more beautiful pregnant woman.

And here is the lovely heroine of “Beauty and the Beast”. The cartoon was based on the fairy tale of Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont. It teaches es to fall in love not with the appearance, but with the inner beauty.

There were also future mothers, who wanted to show something different in these princesses. Something more than just a beautiful appearance. They chose the warriors inside the elegant and gentle women.

Let’s accept, that the beautiful dresses and professional editing skills are not the main things that make the shots so beautiful. It is the happy shining eyes of future mothers, who carry the most precious thing under their heart – their future babies.

Very soon Vanessa will delight us with new photoshoots, this time with all these babies born!

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