“Cats can sleep anywhere!”: Adorable photos of cats that prove they can sleep wherever they want

Check out these cute kittens taking a nap in the most unusual places!

Cats are good at one thing, and that’s clinging to any expensive device that you have at home. Sounds familiar, right? However, there is one more thing that they are good at and will probably never stop doing – sleeping in the most uncommon and uncomfortable (for you) places.

Most of cats sleep 16 hours a day. That is why they can fall asleep wherever they are at that moment. And to get the proper sleep that they desire after a long day of hard work, they choose the most unusual places as their bed.

Check out these adorable photos of cute cats taking a nap. Well, it’s said a proper sleep is good for your health, so why not try a REALLY long one!?

It’s going to grow really well!

Pure angel!

Sleep is a team sport!

“Sorry, I have a one-size bedroom!”

Failed her stalking mission

Enough work for today!


So comfortable!

Not comfortable, but at least it’s warm

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