“Rare Photos Shown”: Wild animals thrive in DMZ zone between North and South Korea

The rare pictures show life without humans

Photos were released from an abandoned demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. The photos reveal rare wildlife and plant life flourishing in the space largely untouched by humans.

6,168 wild species in total have settled in the DMZ area. Landmines buried underground in the area are the only reminders of the Korean War 70 years ago.

“After the Korean War, the DMZ had minimal human interference for over 70 years, and the damaged nature recovered on its own”, said the Google project page. The statement also mentioned that a new ecosystem has been built in the area, which also became a sanctuary for wildlife.

The National Institute of Ecology has installed cameras all around the area to study life there. The rare pictures show life without humans. 38% of Korea’s 267 endangered species live there. Endangered cranes, mountain goats, musk deer, golden eagles, Manchurian trout and trout all consider the buffer zone between the two countries their home.

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