“Power of Friendship”: Dog overcame his phobia thanks to his new friend

Treatment didn’t help, because all he needed was love and care

Lucky is an adorable puppy that has a cat friend named Chucky. The two friends were brought to the shelter the same day. Chucky was a very active and playful cat. Lucky, on the other hand, had several health problems and was a reserved character.

A man came across Lucky on the street and decided to help him, so he took the puppy to the shelter. The vet examined Lucky and told that he had a low sugar level and a high temperature. He underwent a treatment, but for some reason he didn’t recover.

One of the vets came up with a genius idea: he offered to introduce Chucky to Lucky and try to make them friends. Very soon they became amazing friends and have been inseparable since then.

It took Lucky 15 days to fully recover and obtain a new friend. Lucky had a phobia, and his lovely friend helped him overcome it.

The main reason of Lucky’s poor health condition, was that he was taken from his mother and siblings at a very young age.

Then he met Chucky, who helped him feel the happiness and beauty of life. But this is not the end of story! Very soon a family adopted both Lucky and Chucky, and now they live together surrounded with caring people.

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