“She is really lucky”: Girl found her best friend the very first day of her life

True friendship is a gift from fate

This little girl named Marie is really lucky to have such a loyal and caring friend since birth. This is true friendship – a gift from fate!

The dog is very caring and friendly, like hugs and will never deceive or betray anyone in the family. The family is absolutely happy that they would get a recharge.

The family never wanted to get rid of the dog, even when they found out they were going to have a baby. They took great care of him, and now their efforts are paying off. Later it became clear the the Golden Retriever is really affectionate with babies.

The dog was incredible happy when his little owner finally arrived home. As soon as he saw Marie, he started wagging his tail and wanted to gently touch her nose.

Although the retriever knew the baby was not a puppy, he considered her his sibling. The dog surrounded the girl with all his love and care.

This is a proof that dogs indeed are men’s best friends.

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