“Such a cute family!”: Man thought he saved one dog, turned out there were more than just one!

The entire dog family got a second chance to happiness

A man named Nikolas fell in love with a cute and friendly dog in the shelter and decided to make her life better. He hurried to save her life. Ema, the dog, needed proper care and love, so Nikolas take her home and intended to provide her with everything.

After a while, the man found out that the dog was pregnant. Nikolas was shocked, but he was ready to accept all the puppies and take care of them too.

The man had to buy some necessities for the dog family, such as proper food, toys, bets and stuff. Nikolas and his wife planned everything meticulously and provided Ema and her puppies with everything.

Very soon Ema gave birth to 6 healthy and adorable puppies.

Not both the mother and her puppies are in safe hands. Nikolas was just on time to save a total of 7 lives. When the puppies became old enough to survive without the mother, Nikolas put them for adoption. And Ema is going to stay with her owners until the end.

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