“You won’t believe this!”: Breeder was surprised to know what her horse gave birth to!

She is truly an exceptional mare!

Even if the likelihood of something happening is close to zero, it’s still possible! More often such unusual events are considered miracles. Something like this happened at Tanya McKee’s farm, near the city of Exeter in the English county of Devonshire. The woman has been breeding horses for most of her life, and even an experienced breeder like her was extremely surprised to find out what had happened. This extraordinary event took place around a year ago, and it still shocks people. Tanya’s mare gave birth to two identical foals.

This is a rarity, because most of the time, twins do not survive in the womb more than 6 weeks. Even if they survive the whole pregnancy, they still cannot survive the childbirth. Experts estimate the odds of identical cubs being born at a million to one! And when Destiny, the mare, gave birth to both of her foals, the breeder was incredible happy! Moreover, both of the cubs were healthy. Before the childbirth, the mare had been inspected by a vet, who didn’t spot two foals in her womb. According to experts, the anatomy of a horse simply does not allow for the possibility of bearing and giving birth to more than one foal. Destiny is truly an exceptional mare!

It seems really easy to us, but Tanya saw how difficult it was for the mare to carry, deliver and take care of them. That is why she decided to give Destiny some time to recover before another pregnancy. McKee utilized an Irish sporting horse with an exceptional pedigree for these objectives. The stallion competed at the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000. From the marriage with such a great horse an exceptional foal was expected to be born. However, Tanya still couldn’t even image of such wonderful offspring.

When Destiny got pregnant, Tanya regularly took her to a vet. No abnormalities were discovered and the fetus was developing properly. Every week the horse’s belly was growing bigger and bigger.

Tanya expected Destiny to require some assistance during the childbirth. However, the mare decided to surprise her here too.

And here is a surprising fact! Later, Destiny gave birth tp another set of twins! So, at the age of 19, Destiny gave birth to two sets of twin foals in just 18 months!

The chances of giving life to twin foals are incredibly low. And here is Destiny giving not one, but two sets of twins!

The foals have already grown up. They like to play and gallop around the farm. The breeder is obsessed with the twins. Tanya is still startled, that the vets failed to detect the twins for the first and the second time. She will make sure that no such thing happens again!

The first pair of twins have grown into healthy and strong horses. The second pair is also likely to be healthy. The mother has enough milk two foals. They are all as white as their father, as to Tanya.

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