“Great Supporter”: Blind dog has no issues as long as he has the best guard

It is wonderful to have such an amazing friend for life!

Meet Charlie, an adorable blind do, who appeared in Stripe family when he was still a puppy. They did everything to make the poor dog the happiest creature in the world.

Seeing that Charlie needed a friend to support him in everything, the family decided to adopt another dog. They chose 4-month-old Maverick and Charlie was happy to welcome him.

Maverick became his blind friend’s guard dog. The owners were amazed by their strong bond, because they never expected the puppy to understand his senior friend so perfectly. Whenever Charlie loses a toy, Maverick is always there to find and return it.

Maverick makes Charlie’s life better and easier. A great number of people got interested in this duo when the story was first shared online.

It is wonderful to have such a friend for life!

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