Young mother and crying servants: the “dancing millionaire” met his beloved at the maternity hospital

Everyone was overwhelmed with emotions

Gianluca Vacchi diligently prepared for the return of his young wife home after giving birth. Let’s remember, that this week the “Dancing Millionaire” and his chosen one Sharon Fonseca became parents.

The famous man almost immediately announced the good news to his fans. As the man admits, he has never been so happy. Therefore, it was very predictable that the Italian would try to give his beloved bright emotions when she returned from the hospital with her daughter.

The man decided to decorate his entire mansion. There was a huge pink bow hanging on the gate, and driving up to the house, the wife was supposed to see beautiful, festive lanterns, pink balloons and elephants already on their territory.

Gianluca and Sharon were driving home together. Therefore, seeing so many cute things around, the girl burst into tears with happiness. Upon arrival home, the man opened the door to his beloved, then took the cradle with his little daughter. The entire staff was waiting for the famous family, and some of the servants were so touched that they also could not hold back tears.

Entering the house, the young mother was faced with several more surprises. A beautifully decorated table was waiting for her, which was all in the same colors. All this time, Sharon did not stop crying, because emotions overwhelmed her.

Remember, that the couple started their relationship 3 years ago. At that time, Gianluca was not yet ready to become a father, but over the years he realized that he dreamed of heirs.

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