“He eventually gained the kitten’s trust”: Stray kitten found a man and got attached to him

The lovely cat wasn’t used to proper care and love

Brandon works at a TV studio the night shift. He and some of his coworkers noticed a cat with her kittens living in the parking lot and started following them.

As they wandered there, people started feeding the mother and the two little ones. Brandon also started bringing food to the cat family.

Brandon started visiting the cats more often, so the mother soon started trusting the man and even let him get closer to her kittens. Brandon adored the cat and named her Mono.

Then the man started thinking out ways to catch the cat and take her home with him. And he finally managed to catch her.

It was unusual for Mono to get used to the new surroundings. Brandon knew that it would take the cat some time to adapt to her surroundings, so he didn’t put much pressure on her. Her gave Mono some freedom to do whatever she liked.

Only a few days, and Mono was already freely wandering the house. Day by day she became more self-confident and trusted her owner more and more.

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