“Optical Illusion”: Find out the truth behind this viral optical illusion picture

Are you sure you are seeing the right thing?

The dog in the photo is a mixed breed between Husky and Golden Retriever. His name is Bleuregard Q. Kazoo. The dog’s photo went viral after people started assuming the dog was beheaded. 

Here is the interesting photo!

The photo first appeared on Reddit, posted by the dog’s owner Nathan Sievers. 

If you are wondering whether the photo is photoshopped or not, we would like to assure you, that it’s not! It is apparent from the photo that the dog is lying down on the wall’s edge and that the angle in which the photo was captured perfectly conceals the dog’s body. 

Still, many users didn’t believe the man and his claims, so they suggested him posting another photo of the dog, to make sure he was alive))

Sievers didn’t mind and posted another full-body photo of the already famous dog.

Then Sievers apologized for “giving Reddit a heart attack”. 

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