Mother deer helped her fawn who froze with fear on the road

This adorable fawn was too afraid to walk

Jesse Larson was driving along the highway to Port Orchard, Washington, when she noticed a little fawn lying on the road. The little baby looked very scared and couldn’t move. Jesse later witnessed a very sweet scene and decided to film it on camera.

At first, the driver thought the fawn was hurt so she intended to get out of the car and help it.

However, she then noticed the mother deer and changed her mind. She immediately started recording the sweet moment. The mother deer gently approached her frightened baby.

Then the loving mother started caressing he baby to increase its motivation. After a while, the baby got up and went to the forest with its mother.

“Most probably the baby was too scared to even move, so it just lied down on the road”, explained Jesse. “I turned off the engine so that they would not be afraid”.

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