“Optical Illusion Test”: How many tigers are hidden in the picture?

Try to find all of them in 40 seconds!

It’s hard to pass by these mind-boggling optical illusion tests that help you improve youg cognitive skills. Today’s optical illusion test is a challenge for those who want to test their skills and brain focus. Try to find all 16 tigers that are hidden in the picture below.

You have 40 seconds! Let us know how many tigers you managed to find in 40 seconds!

4 of the tigers are easy to find as they are depicted in the same way as we expect real tigers to be. They slide your eyes over the bushes around the tigers and try to find as many as you can. In general, there are 16 tigers.

Tell us how many you managed to find in 40 seconds, and scroll down to see where all the 16 of them are hiding.

Check the picture beow to see all the tigers hidden in the picture!

The challenge was to find all of the tigers in 40 seconds. This timing is not accidental. Only 1% of people who have ever taken this test were able to pass the test in time. This shows that these people have great coordination skills. Another 80% were ble to find 12 tigers in the given time. If you found less that 12 tigers in 40 seconds, then your brain needs exercises and protein boost. This might as well mean that you were tkaing the tesr right after waking up when your brain is still speely. You need a little more sleep instead of looking on the screeon of your phone.

Hope you enjoyed this brain exercise!

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