“The dog with the green dragon”: This dog enjoys exploring the highlands with his owner and favorite toy

The toy has dramatically changed the dog’s life making him incredibly happy

Melania Hawke adopted this puppy not so long ago. When she learned the story of this little puppy from his breeder, she bought a soft toy dragon for him.

The touching story of the boy’s meeting with a toy dragon, that he found in the woods amazed everyone.

The dog got attached to the toy and never let it go, even when he grew older.

Melania says her dog is really active, adventurous and happy. She usually takes her dog with her while exploring the highlands, and the dog enjoys this activity. Most of the time they go on long walks together.

The puppy is completely happy when he is with his beloved green dragon. His owner has been taking photos of the puppy and his favorite toy since the very first day of their meeting. These photos make an adorable album of memories. The toy has changed the life of the dog and now they are inseparable friends.

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