“Cute unexpected guests”: Hippo decided to take a nap and had many little guests on its back

They just wanted to relax on the back of their huge friend

Most people imagine hippos as big, scary and dangerous animals. However, this adorable scene is about to change your opinion about them.

This hippo wanted to take a short nap, and all his turtle friends decided to join him and also take a nap on its back. The hippo probably did not expect any guests in his sleep time and was surprised to feel several little feet walking on him. So he moved a little, and as he did, all the turtles fell into the water one after the other.

But the 2.5-ton hippo was still happy to welcome his friends on his back. The scene took place in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

When hippos are partially seen on the surface of the water they are sometimes mistaken for crocodiles, and when they open their huge mouths, they spread fear around.

But deep inside they are just as kind as any other undisturbed animal.

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