“Interfering with wildlife might do them more harm”: Department of Conservation says to leave wildlife wild this spring

The best thing we can do for wild animals is to leave them in their natural habitats!

The Missouri Department of Conservation has come up with a new statement regarding the wildlife in Missouri. Outdoor enthusiasts, such as hikers and bikers, might come across baby wild animals in their path this spring. It might seem that the animals are abandoned, but that’s hardly possible. So, interfering with them might do them much more harm than good.

Sherri Russell, Missouri state veterinarian, mentioned that if baby animals are left alone in the wild, it means that their parents are out hunting and will very soon return to them.

One of the most common species that you might encounter is birds. If you see a chick with feathers alone, leave it alone! The parents are somewhere around and are watching the baby. Another common species are rabbit cubs. These are timid animals and cannot survive in captivity. They will most probably die of fear. If you happen to come across an injured animal, just return it to its nest, if you notice it. Its parents will take care of it. Young animals are rarely orphaned, and the human scent from their bodies does not make parents to abandon their babies.

Of course, most people have good intentions and want to be kind to animals, and try to take care of them at home. But the best thing we can do for wild animals, is to leave them in their natural habitats.

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