A mulatto and a light-skinned blonde are bringing up adorable children with different skin colors

Siblings or friends from different nationalities?

Loren and her husband live in London. They are a happy family that attract a lot of people. All, because Loren’s husband is a mulatto, and she is a light-skinned blonde girl. And when they walk with their children – 9-year-old Milo and 3-year-old Oscar – it’s really hard not to pay attention to them.

The fact is that their children also have different skin colors. Milo is dark-skinned, just like his father, and Oscar is a cute, blue-eyed blonde boy.

Sometimes, passers-by ask Loren if both boys are her own. The woman is already used to it, so she jokes about it.

And recently, the couple had a girl – Ocean. She looks a lot like her elder brother. And the boys are really happy to have a sister. It’s a pleasure for them to help their mother look after the baby.

In addition to caring for three children, Loren also runs a blog. She shares her experience with upbringing and tells how it is to live with a musician who is constantly on tours.

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