“Corgi Café”: People can visit this cafe to play and cuddle with adorable corgi dogs

They bring happiness to everyone

There is a unique cafe in Bangkok, Thailand, founded by Tanchanok Kanawaong in 2018. Believe it or not, there are 12 corgis serving at this establishment. The appropriate name of the cafe is Corgi In The Garden. People can actually play and cuddle with corgis “working” there.

Two of the corgis, Quinn and Dean, are the parents of 7 corgi puppies named Bluebell, Bean, Babycorn, Buttercup, Blossom, Barely, and Bone. Porkchop, Salmon, and Pumpkin are siblings, and they are not connected to the other members of this beautiful corgi family.

The 13th member of the family joined them in 2019. She is a lovely, intelligent, tri-colored girl.

This adorable group of corgis bring happiness to everyone with their love and care for each other.

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