The twins from the TV series “Svaty” are already 17 years old: How is their acting career

They are not even siblings but look like twins

The audience immediately loved the series “Svaty”. Good humor, excellent acting and a dynamic plot force us to rewatch the series over and over again.

Six seasons of the TV series have already been filmed, the seventh is on its way.

The little actors are growing up together with their characters – twins Nikita and Victoria. Anna Polishchyk and Konstantin Chernokryliuk are already 17 years old. They are not siblings in real life, although look alike. They are both from Kyiv.

Anna was the first to be taken to the series. The girl’s mother insisted on her to attend a theater studio.

There the casting director of the company Kvartal 95 found Anna. He was looking for actors for the role of the twins.

“Svaty” was her first experience as an actress. The film opened a way for Anna to cinema. By now, she has already acted in 10 films, including the seventh season of the series.

They looked for Anna’s brother for a long time. The boy needed to look like Anna.

In the end, they chose Kostya Chernokryliuk, who had already filmed in several advertisings and TV shows. Between the 5th and 6th seasons of the series, the guy managed to act in three films.

Now he has over 20 films under his belt.

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