“Brain Teaser Optical Illusion”: Spot the odd Panda in the picture!

Brain games make a simple riddle more interesting

Brain teasers are a fun way to test your IQ level. Although it seems quicte easy, these puzzles can trick your brain and you will never know that your own mind is deceiving you! These are meant to test you problem-solving abilities, cognitive skills and attention level.

And here is an interesting and cute brain teaser for you to boost your brain-work. There are 18 pandas in the picture below, but you need to find the one that is a little different from the rest. We are waiting for your answers. Good Luck!

An acute mind can spot the odd panda among all the other pandas in just 9 seconds. Let’s see what your brain is capable of! However, take inot account that the more you panic and hurry, the more you get confused. Calm your mind and look at all the pandas very carefully.

After finishing the test, scroll down to see which of the pandas is the odd one!

Brain Teaser Optical Illusion: Answer!

Here is our little friend that is slightly different from all the other pandas:

This panda is slightly turned to his right side, while the others are the opposite.

Hope you enjoyed this test! Let us know what you think about such brain teasers in the comments!

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