Girl from Myanmar with an ultra-thin waist assures that it is a luxurious gift of nature

It’s all thanks to genes and proper nutrition, but the public doesn’t want to believe it

Although each female figure is beautiful and attractive in its own way, this type, which resembles an hourglass, is considered perhaps the most seductive. There is a special grace and femininity in it! It is not surprising that many girls do everything to make the waist as thin as possible!

Ethel Granger from the UK, is considered the world record holder for this feature. Her waist circumference was only 33 cm! But the woman did not hide that for this she wore a corset literally round the clock, and did it just to please her spouse.

Student Su Naing from Myanmar declares that her waist is thin by nature! Like, it’s all thanks to genes and proper nutrition. But the public doesn’t want to believe it.

History shows that people have a disproportion in the body for three reasons: genetic abnormalities or diseases, hard work on themselves, banal charlatanism! This girl decided to refute the established beliefs. As if she just grew up like all children, didn’t train, didn’t go to surgeons. Well, she also eats properly.

Currently, the heroine ‘s waist is only 35 cm. And the student says that she will soon break the record! As much as they would like, skeptics can’t catch the girl lying!

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