Plane crashed in the jungle, and one of the passengers appeared 9 days later

This girl was the only survivor of the plane crash

The story of Peruvian Juliane Koepcke started in 1972. She was the only one to survive a fatal plane crash. The girl was in the plane with her mother, when the plane lost control and crashed in a deserted jungle.

People couldn’t understand how a little girl managed to survive in the wild, surrounded by all kinds of predators, while being lonely and injured. The Koepcke case remains shocking for people even today.

Juliane and her mother were going to visit her father for Christmas. He was working in another city.

The plane fell down over 3km into the rainforest. It didn’t catch fire thanks to the rain. The rescue team couldn’t find the crash site, so they concluded that no one was alive.

Juliane was severely injured. Her body was covered with deep cuts. She had a concussion, a torn tendon, and a broken arm.

It was thanks to her father, that the girl had some knowledge how to survive in jungles. First of all, the girl tried to find her mother, but failed.

4 days later, the girl was already getting well. She decided to get to civilization on her own.

Juliane found a box of chocolates near the plane. The girl ate the sweets and went on looking for a stream.

Juliane’s wounds were inflamed, and she was in pain. Despite this, the brave girl was determined to continue her journey. On the the 10th day, she finally found a lumberjack’s hut.

People staying there helped the girl and treated her wounds with gasoline. The next day, they took the girl closer to civilization.

Three films were shot about this girl and her journey. Several years later, the woman herself wrote her autobiography.

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