“Fathers cannot replace mothers”: Father lion takes care of his cubs while the mother is absent

The lion seemed to be in trouble dealing with his cubs

Not only human parents are responsible for their children and take care of them. Animals are just as responsible parents as humans.

This father lion was to look after his cubs until their mother returned. The problem is, the mother lioness had been attacked by another lioness and was seriously injured.

It was the father’s first experience alone with his mischievous cubs and it was really challenging for him.

Although it was difficult, the lion father did his best to provide his cubs with everything they needed.

The cubs didn’t behave well and didn’t listen to their father. Whenever the father wanted to take them somewhere elese, they just started crying and didn’t move. The poor father didn’t know how to calm them down.

These adorable photos were taken by wildlife photographer Linda Smit. She told that the father was having a lot of trouble. He had never come across such a case before. He was doing fine, until one of the cubs bit his tail and he got really angry.

Finally, the mother returned and everyone was happy again!

How much they missed their mom! And imagine how much the husband missed his beautiful and strong wife!

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