“Optical Illusion”: Spot the hidden heart among elephants in 18 seconds!

Take a look at the picture and find the heart!

Brain teasers and optical illusions confuse even the most intelligent people. Tests requiring to find hidden objects are also considered optical illusions. And in this illusion picture you need to find the hidden heart among the elephants. Most people say they also find a banana, but that’s an easy task. That’s why we challenge you to find the heart.

Take a look at the picture below and find the heart! You have 18 seconds!

Hint: try looking at the top of the picture. It is not a big heart, so you need to concentrate all your brain on it!

If you still haven’t found the heart, scroll down to see where it is in the picture below!

There you go!

How many seconds did it take you to fidn the heart?

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