Many people mocked this couple, but they are now happily married

They have become a rare symbol of true love and devotion

These young people met each other very unexpectedly, and have been loyal to each other since then. They met on the wedding of one of their mutual friends.

It was like a love from the first sight. They noticed each other immediately and started talking for some time. They are completely different in size and appearance, but these young people managed to find some similarities between their personalities.

Very soon they got attached to each other. They talked on phone or texted each other 24/7, always looking for new opportunities to meet. After 2 months of dating, the man decided to finally propose his beloved one.

One of their wedding photos ended up on the social media very unexpectedly, and caused great difficulties for the newlyweds. People were mocking the “unusual” couple. Even their relatives and friends were constantly leaving unpleasant comments under their photos.

Soon, everyone in their hometown found out about the spouses. They found them not suitable for each other and expected them to get divorced very soon. But in fact, none of these people had the ability to look deep into their hearts and see how kind and loving people they were.

Despite all the mockery and gossips, the spouses are still happy together.

They have a son now. He has brought the spouses even closer and has strengthened their bond.

They have become a rare symbol of true love and devotion.

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