“Adorable fluffy baby”: Hairless stray puppy is now a fluffy dog

Love and proper care changed him for the better

A woman named Deta discovered a small puppy on the streets of Indonesia and went above and beyond to help it. Since she had nothing but a rain poncho, she improvised by wrapping the puppy in her jacket to keep it safe.

Later, she placed the puppy, whom she named Beauty, in a cardboard box and contacted a nearby shelter for assistance. Deta took Beauty to a local veterinarian, where she was diagnosed with scabies, a non-fatal but painful condition that required treatment. Determined to care for the puppy, Deta provided the necessary treatment.

Initially, Beauty was frightened and took time to adjust to her new surroundings. Deta was saddened by Beauty’s lack of progress and the puppy’s deep mistrust of humans. Nevertheless, as Beauty responded positively to treatment, Deta decided to become a foster mother to her. Taking Beauty home, Deta continued to provide care and support as the puppy’s health improved significantly. Despite this progress, Beauty remained wary of her rescue experience.

After a few days, Beauty gradually grew accustomed to her new environment. She began playing with Deta’s other dogs and experienced an incredible sense of joy. Deta had doubted whether Beauty would ever make progress, so she was thrilled to witness the puppy’s emerging confidence.

Within three months, Beauty transformed into a healthy puppy, thanks to Deta’s loving care and the companionship of her other dogs, which helped Beauty overcome her fears. Determined to find Beauty a forever home, Deta sought the help of the internet and eventually connected with Antel, the perfect owner for Beauty.

The video footage showcases Beauty as a happy and healthy puppy, undergoing a remarkable transformation thanks to Deta’s dedication and love, along with the support of her other puppies.

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