“True Friendship”: How farm puppy made friends with a calf

It’s so nice to watch them play together

The team at Little Bucket’s Farm Sanctuary goes above and beyond to ensure that every animal under their care leads a fulfilling life. One day, Susan visited a local cattle auction with the intention of saving at least one animal from an uncertain fate.

As the auction began, Susan’s eyes were drawn to a small calf who had been separated from his mother. Due to his appearance and size, nobody showed any interest in him. Moved by compassion, Susan decided to pay $10 and rescue the helpless calf.

Upon arriving home, Susan contemplated allowing the calf to spend the night in the kitchen, as it was bitterly cold outside. The calf curled up on a cozy dog bed and enjoyed the most comfortable and peaceful sleep he had ever experienced.

They named him Bucket, and over the next few days, he gradually regained his strength and happily explored the sanctuary yard. To keep him warm, he was provided with a jacket, and he quickly formed a special bond with their puppy named Colton.

Initially, Bucket and Colton were of similar size, and they delighted in following each other around and playing in the yard. However, as Bucket grew bigger, the family began to worry about their friendship due to the significant difference in size.

Yet, Bucket understood the need for adaptability in their relationship. He started to kneel down while interacting with Colton, ensuring that he wouldn’t accidentally harm his best friend during playtime.

Their difference in size never hindered their friendship; they remained steadfast companions. The team at Little Bucket’s Sanctuary continues to go to great lengths to provide animals with the lives they deserve, and Bucket now thrives in a happy and fulfilling existence alongside his best friend, Colton.

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