“Homeless Man’s Final Wish”: Strangers unite to make the man’s dream come true!

They found a loving and caring home for the dog

In Fresno, there resides a homeless man named Clifford Herbert, who possesses a heart and soul filled with immense kindness. Sadly, his life took a devastating turn as he became seriously ill, with only a few weeks left due to cancer that had spread to his brain. Clifford’s life had already been challenging, but the situation worsened after he lost both his home and job following heart surgery and subsequent medical difficulties.

Despite his hardships, Clifford found solace and love in a sweet dog named Baby, whom he had adopted when the poor creature was suffering from abuse. Since that fateful moment, the bond between Clifford and Baby grew unbreakable, and the dog became his closest companion and everything to him.

Jennine Lacette DShazer, a compassionate woman, came across Clifford’s story and felt compelled to help him. She initiated a fundraising campaign to support Clifford and Baby, ensuring that they could spend their remaining time together in comfort and luxury.

During their first meeting, Jennine provided essentials like cat food, toilet paper, and a blanket. As she saw Clifford holding Baby close to keep the dog warm, she was deeply moved by the man’s affection and kindness towards the animal.

The ultimate goal is to find a loving home for Baby before the holiday season, and Jennine needs to raise at least $366 per week and approximately $1400 per month to continue supporting their stay at the luxurious hotel.

Clifford, who used to be a guitarist and had worked in a mechanical shop and agriculture, faced speech difficulties after a 2006 operation, communicating through writing with pen and paper.

Jennine’s act of kindness highlights the power of compassion and how it can make a significant difference in the lives of those going through tough times, offering hope and comfort when it is needed most.

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